Osaka 大阪 Jan 19 – Jan 20

Thursday 19 January – Friday 20 January

When we arrived in Osaka the first thing that hit me was the cold, no longer was I in the familiar Brisbane winter weather of Okinawa. We collected our bags and quickly made our way to the shuttle bus that took us to the main terminal where we then caught a train to the Toyoko Inn where we checked in. img_9482After checking in we quickly dumped our bags and returned to the lobby for a tour of the Osaka nightlife with Sensei, the bright lights and amount of people was overwhelming.

We all decided to go our separate ways for dinner, some went to Macca’s while Tim, Danica, David, and I followed Leigh to get Osaka Takoyaki. The Takoyaki was delicious, after the food we went for a walk around the streets and back alleys where we found a shrine with moss all over it and nice little restaurants. It was amazing how quiet the back streets where even though it was just off the main drag.

After we regrouped with everyone, we made our way to the Onsen, where myself and a few other people had to sneak in with our tattoos by covering them in bandages, once split up from the girls we made our way upstairs and into the change rooms where we proceeded to change into our birthday suits… never have I seen soo many naked dudes in my life but you quickly got over it. After stripping down, we collected our tiny towels and made our way to the baths. The theme of Onsen for the male’s area was traditional Japanese bathes while the girls had a European theme. It honestly felt like a casino in Vegas with different themes in each rooms. We all cleaned ourselves then found a bath to soak, the water was astonishing, we were constantly moving from one bath to another. They had sake baths, carbonated baths, and cold baths etc. I stayed for about 20 minutes then left with Tyler, Jason and Leigh feeling refreshed and closer to my classmates and teacher. I spent the rest of the night chatting to the boys in Tyler’s room until eventually going to bed because our first homestays are up next up.


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