Tokyo 2.0 東京 Feb 8 -Feb 9

Wednesday 08 February – Thursday 09 February

We left Sapporo early morning and spent the rest of the day traveling by train back to Tokyo for our last stay in Japan, It was all coming to an end so fast and I couldn’t believe we would be flying home to Australia soon. Once we arrived back at the Ours Inn Hankyu were we had free time to go out on the city to get dinner. I left we the guys to get ramen then Karaoke, we sang songs for 2 hours before leaving for the hotel for more party room chills, shower, and bed.

The final day had come but not without a spooky incident that morning. Last night I went to sleep I kicked my slippers off beside the bed, but that morning I awoke to find my slippers back where they usually are when you enter the room next to Tim’s slippers both on their side with the soles pressed together. I was alone in that room overnight, as Tim was in Osaka visiting a friend, I cannot think of any reason how they got that way but it really rattled me. Anyway, After my final onsen bath we checked out of the hotel we had free time for fun in the city. I decided to go to Akihabara with the others because I had to buy a few things for my friend back in Australia.

I always found it cool and interesting how passionate Allison and the other are with anime and Pop Culture. The time in Akihabara quickly came to an end as it was time to leave for the airport, It really dawned on me at that point that we were actually leaving. I was filled with sadness and relief at the same time, I was going to miss Japan and being with everyone I met on this trip but I also missed being alone at home. After receiving our plane tickets, we had time to relax in the departure lounge before our flight back to Australia. The flight was absolutely awful, I didn’t manage any sleep and I was glad when it was finally over. Stepping off the plane in Australia was rough as I was not prepared for the heat. We passed through customs and said goodbye to each other, my sister arrived shortly after to pick me up and go home.

Looking back on the trip I was incredibly content with my experience, I went through a range of emotions, I met and bonded with so many lovely people, I tried an array of amazing Japanese cuisine and learned so much about Japan and myself. I am so grateful for having the chance to participate on the Japan Study Tour, I will carry the memories I forged in Japan for the rest of my life.


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